Some of the influential spirits in the area:

The Girl in the Mists – this one is obvious, but as the town-spirit of Manitou Springs, she has a lot of pull in the local shadow. She used to be a spirit of the effervescent spring water in the area, and was made stronger by natives paying her tribute and envisioning her form. When the white settlers came and settled the town, she adapted to their forms of worship/tribute, and steadily became the spirit of the town. The other spirits within the town proper are all either her subordinates or enemies.

The Manitou High Puma – this oddly colored cat is the the spirit of the school mascot. It was weakened during the Alder Man’s regime as some of the schools best athletes were claimed and thus stopped generating much of its essence. It’s power comes and goes with football season, but it is a proud and energetic spirit. It’s little brothers in the other two schools are much less powerful and very childlike by comparison.

The Alder Man – Not truly an influential spirit anymore now that it has become Magath. It tried to destroy the Girl in the Mists by causing havoc on both sides of the Gauntlet, but your pack managed to stop him. However, the local shadow is still a mess, and the wild tree spirits all over the place will need to be relocated or destroyed. It’s very likely that you’ll not see any sign of the Alder Man for the foreseeable future, as nobody is sure where Magath go to reform in the Hisil, and you destroyed his potent, but brittle plan.

Kerexusaka – This wildcat spirit lives high in the mountain’s spiritual reflection. It’s powerful, but it’s only request of the Uratha is that they leave it alone. It played totem for the Meers pack and it has no intention of doing so ever again. It’s very protective of its domain, as though it is guarding something precious there.

Valexia – the lust spirit with whom you struck a bargain. It appears to be a tiny wisp of pink smoke that occasionally takes the shape of a small succubus lying in various provocative positions. It has been feeding on the constant, small amounts of essence generated when an attractive singer rouses the crowd at the keg lounge. It doesn’t seem to be hurting anybody, since it’s anchored to the microphone in the lounge, but lust can be a tricky thing…

The Incline – This spirit looks like a clockwork train conductor, with joints made of steel gears and a pipe that belches churning smoke. It is the spirit of the old Inclined Railway, and tends to lean very conservatively on issues affecting the town’s history and culture. It is probably one of the closest contenders to the Girl in the Mists for the position of town spirit, but it’s happy as long as the old railway is honored and the town remembers where it came from. However, what it wants more than anything is for the railway to be restored and up and running, it’s status as a hiking trail just doesn’t do as much for the spirit.

Pikes Peak – In the department of sheer raw presence, none of the local spirits come close to the spirit of the great mountain to your southwest. Not even the Pure Tribes are likely to offer anything to this spirit that it would find significant. It has been here long before any Uratha, and it will probably be here long after the last. Thankfully, it doesn’t get around too much, and will probably only awaken under the most extreme circumstances.

Deathshaker – this snake spirit has taken up residence in Williams Canyon. It claims to be strengthening it’s brethren by helping them stay active during the winter, and that the birds they are eating are largely dropping dead of their own accord, and that the one’s they are killing are doomed anyway. Deathshaker claims that their spirits are weak and that’s what has them stuck in this canyon.


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