The Manitou Springs Chronicle

Grave Decisions
Those with no souls are best suited for politics...

One chilling winter day, Raina discovered a rattlesnake that had just feasted on the body of a small bird. Upon shifting to Urhan form and investigating further, she discovered several such bodies and more snakes – strange, since both of these species should be inactive or away in this weather. She spotted a large Rattler spirit and summoned the rest of the pack to inspect it. The spirit, which calls itself Deathshaker, was willing to talk to you. It beseeched you to leave it alone, as it was merely “aiding itsssss brethren in sssssurviving the winter”. It explained that, yes, it was killing the birds that were staying in the canyon, but those birds were doomed to freeze to death anyway. It said that they were trapped here because their spirits were weakened and they were slowly starving and freezing to death in the canyon.
You would have investigated further if Mike’s phone hadn’t rang. Janet Pickering was calling in her favor and asked you to meet Ezekiel at the Garden of the Gods for details. He explained that they needed your help to track down an elusive vampire that they believe was involved in an attempt on his wife, Lillian’s, life. The plan was for you to follow her after they flushed her out of her business and tangled with her goons. You successfully tailed her, but rather than going back to her place, she led you to an older, condemned house. Here, Gareth encountered her and another vampire who were more hospitable and courteous than any of you expected. The one you’d been tracking, Alexis Valentine, told Gareth some of Obadiah Pickering’s darker secrets – explaining that she wasn’t nearly the monster that he was, and that they should be more careful choosing who to associate with. Meanwhile, one of her goons took a shot at the rest of you, missing, and in the ensuing scuffle, you all left the house and she quickly left the neighborhood in her fast car.
While trying to catch her, you ran into Ezekiel again, who explained why he and the rest of his pack hadn’t followed you – apparently Obadiah halted the whole operation when they discovered a locus in the basement of Valentine’s spa. You called Morrison, who thought Janet had already called you, and in a fury you went back and threatened Ricky, the younger vampire, to tell you what he knew. He explained that he had no idea where Valentine slept. He also seemed really unhappy with his situation – he’s under her protection, but also under her thumb. He has very little will to resist her wiles, and he wants more than anything to just return to Manitou Springs, where he grew up, to take care of his aging mother and help her have an easier life and retirement. You refused him this, but told him you’d try to help his mother out, then you let him go with his life and wrecked his home so the Pickerings would believe you’d finished him off.

As the Seasons go Round
Primer for the next story arc

As the weather began to grow colder, you became more familiar with the territory you’d staked out. With the help of your new Elodoth, Raina, you finalized decisions about where your borders would be, and where you wanted to expand them in the future. You also learned more about the Uratha packs in neighboring territories.

Raina saw the discontent in Shadow of Smoke and Fire firsthand – she was sent to them by Max Roman and they took it as an insult to the memory of their former beta. They chased her south with tooth and claw, until she wound up in your town. She found you after Roman called you warning you to expect her, and you swiftly accepted her and began showing her around.

Rachel Snow gave Nadine’s father a lift to your place, and while he was visiting her grave, she shared her thoughts about pack philosophy with you. It was clear that she blamed Nadine’s death on a lack of unity, and in turn blamed that lack of unity on incompatible tribal values. However, once Mr. Keller had payed his respects to his daughter, they wished you success and she took him back to Denver in her enormous military grade vehicle.

The Werewolf who calls himself Smoker visited Gareth while riding ahead of his pack, the Scar Angels. He brought an offer of truce – stating that his pack would leave your territory untouched as long as you let them pass through along the roads. They could’ve just stuck to the larger highway north of town, but they like one of the rougher diners there, and prefer allies to antagonists in any case. He also warned that if the Shadow of Smoke and Fire caved in, your pack would need to make sure the Pure didn’t take over their territory, as it would give them a foothold in the middle of several Uratha Territories.

Ryan had heard through the grapevine that Obadiah Pickering thought very little of the Scar Angels. Even though they are one of the oldest and most successful packs in the region, he claims that their territorial claims are too physical and too limited, and that if you “step five feet off the highway in their territory, the shadow is a real mess”.

Speaking of Ryan, he was volunteered by your totem to go on a quest to the east. The Rahalunim were seeking a young Uratha who’s bonds to his pack were still new to investigate a “threat beyond the veil in a city far away”. The Girl in the Mists believed that it would be good for him, and allow him to overcome some of the sorrows and furies in his soul while bringing him more in tune with both his human and spirit halves.

Move-In and the kicking of the Alder Man's ass.

Your pack was assembled by the influential Iron Master named Max Roman. He wanted a group of Forsaken to take over the territory once held by the pack of Samuel Meers – who died fighting an powerful spirit in Denver a couple of years earlier. On your way to the town, you encountered a group of tourists leaving Manitou Springs who’d been claimed by glass spirits. The town was no better off – you quickly discovered some ghosts of human dead who were set up to defend the Meers old house from intruders, but you managed to put them to rest. However, the rest of the town was suffering from a slowly building chaos – people were being urged, ridden, and claimed by spirits everywhere. It seemed that the whole town was on edge, and that everything was watching you. You were attacked by a group of claimed thugs – former members of the High School Baseball team – but you defeated them and only one escaped.
In order to seek answers, you entered the Shadow in search of the Meers’ old Totem spirit. It refused to become bound to your pack, but was willing to trade information for a favor – that you destroy all of the Meers’ old journals. Thankfully, you read many of them before that, but you’ll need to rely on your memory to recall anything from them. You later met the weakened spirit of the town itself, who offered to become your totem in exchange for your oath to rid the town of the Alder Man.
While you were busy mapping the trees that were giving him power, one of your packmates was ambushed and murdered by an Ivory Claw from a pack of Pure Werewolves in the south. She kept you distracted by sending a claimed lackey after you, but you found her handiwork soon after. You tracked her down and fought her, but she was a cunning and wicked fighter who turned several of you against each other before you finally slew her.
With your hearts heavy and your minds clouded, you asked Morrison Pickering from Colorado Springs to come say the Funeral Rite over Nadine’s body, and when she was in the ground, you told him what you were up against with the Alder Man’s essence-fountain. He seemed concerned, and spoke with his Father and Alpha, Obadiah Pickering, about it. The Pickerings invited you to one of their Funeral Parlors to show them the map and have Obadiah find out which trees were important to the Spirit, and without making any enemies among that pack, you got the information you needed.
When the Full Moon rose, you attacked. One by one, you tore down the trees that were giving the Alder Man power. You fought your way across town, creating diversions and using your gifts and tools to defeat the trees’ defenders until you finally confronted the Alder Man in the backyard of the Old Man he’d claimed. He was a fierce combatant, but your combined will and tenacity managed to defeat him.
Now the town of Manitou springs can start to heal, but it will take a watchful eye, a stout heart, a discerning mind, and decisive action to protect it from evils that lurk in this world and the Shadow.

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